Class Projects

Our children at Christ Church Primary School, are enabled to become independent thinkers, able to plan and carry out projects of the highest quality. Each class undertakes three projects in a year, with a final product that has an effect beyond the classroom and in many cases outside of the school gates.  Have a look at our class pages to see the projects we are doing this term or below for some of our past projects. 

Year 1 - Gruffalo ice cream
Year 4 - Roman sandals
Year 1 - African designs
Year 4 - Legoland visit
Year 3 - Mummification
Year 3 - Museum presentation
Year 2 - Fictional Queen visit
Year 6 - Ground force day
Year 4 - Bug hunting
Year 2 - Superhero masks
Year 5 - Diwali
Year 3 - Mummification