Our children at Christ Church Primary School, are enabled to become independent thinkers, able to plan and carry out projects of the highest quality. Each class undertakes three projects in a year, with a final product that has an effect beyond the classroom and in many cases outside of the school gates.  Have a look at our class pages to see the projects we are doing this term or below for some of our past projects. 

Year 1 - Gruffalo ice cream
Year 4 - Roman sandals
Year 1 - African designs
Year 4 - Legoland visit
Year 3 - Mummification
Year 3 - Museum presentation
Year 2 - Fictional Queen visit
Year 6 - Ground force day
Year 4 - Bug hunting
Year 2 - Superhero masks
Year 5 - Diwali
Year 3 - Mummification