Visitor Protocol

All visits must be pre-booked with a member of school staff and contact details, including a telephone number must be provided.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment.

All visits will be booked from 9.10, once the last class of pupils has arrived in school.

Engineers should try to book during out of school hours, where possible.

Please do not come in to our school if you or any of your immediate family are feeling unwell and are showing any of the COVID symptoms

  • a new, continuous cough,

  • a high temperature or

  • a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste.


When you come into our school please follow these instructions to keep both you and our children safe:   

  • Use hand sanitiser provided in the front area.

  • Sign in with the office staff -  Mrs Lassetter, Mrs Foote or Miss Harding. You will be given a VISITOR sticker not a lanyard.  

  • Limit the number of personal belongings you bring with you to a minimum.

  • Bring no accompanying students or visitors unless previously agreed with the school and/or child’s parents.

  • You must maintain social distancing whilst in the waiting area.

  • When using the toilet please ensure that you leave the facilities as you would expect to find them.  Use anti-bacterial wipes and wash your hands thoroughly.

  • If you are seeing a series of children on your visit, please ensure that there is time to clean the desks/chairs between children.

  • Please maintain (if possible) a 1m distance between you and the child you are working with.

  • A member of school staff will collect the child that you are visiting or if you have to collect a child from their class, please walk around the outside of the school and stand in the doorway of the classroom. The child will be sent out to you by the class teacher/TA.

  • Any necessary classroom observations will be conducted following social distance guidelines or from the classroom doorway.

  • Please ensure adequate ventilation in the room when you are working with children. Windows and doors should be open as much as possible whilst still maintaining confidentiality.


Upon leaving the school, please let a member of the office staff know so that they can sign you out and sanitise your hands.


You must let us know if you are contacted by NHS Track and Trace or if you develop symptoms of COVID19 or test positive in the next 10 days.