The admission policy is controlled by the School Governors and the permitted number of admissions is 30.  

Children may be registered after their third birthday but this does not guarantee admission to the school until confirmation is given either by the school or the Authority.

In the Summer Term arrangements are made for parents and children to visit the school.  Parents who wish to move their child from one maintained school to another are requested to first consult the Head of the present school and then to consult the Head of the intended school which caters for the same age range.  Such changes of school are normally only permitted at the beginning of a school term except in the case of a changed address and will require confirmation from the new school or the Authority.

Admissions Arrangements

Individual queries regarding admission can be dealt with by contacting the Headteacher (01934 620738) or Schools Admissions Section, Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, Tel. No. 01275 884014 / 4078.

Parents wishing to view the school prior to applying for a place are welcome to do so by appointment. If your child has Special Educational Needs or you have reasons to believe that they may do, please arrange an appointment with the school office to meet with our SENDCo - Leanne Bryant - for a visit prior to applying for a place. 

To request a place in Years 1-6 please click the link below and download a North Somerset application form:

          In Year Application Form

To view our admissions policy please click the correct version for the academic year of application.

Admissions Policy for 2022-2023 

Timetable for 2021-2022 Intake Appeals 


Any comments could be sent in to the School Office or North Somerset Admissions Team at the Town Hall.


Apply online here or alternatively an application and guide are available from: The School Admissions Team at Weston Town Hall.

Induction of Reception children

We understand that beginning school for the first time can be a daunting experience for little children, and so we aim to ease the transition between home and school.

Opportunity is given for several visits to school by children and their parents prior to admission.  An extra booklet, with help and advice for parents of children who are starting school for the first time is given during these visits.