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Christ Church CE Primary School

'Let your light shine' Matthew 5:16

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


We are new to the juniors. Mr Hiscox is our teacher and he helps us feel more confident about moving up from the infants. We are also supported by Mrs Ball, Mrs Thorne and Mrs Carpenter. In Year 3 and we have lots of inspiring lessons. It's great in class as we all look after each other and we learn many new things. Our teacher has a passion for all our subjects and we are encouraged to always try our best.


What are we learning in class this year? cool Click on our project web to find out.



Our double PE lesson is on Monday with Mr Bazell.



In Year 3 we take part in a guided reading session once a week. Guided reading consists of a timetable of activities where the children will take part in a group reading session, with the teacher or teaching assistant, have the opportunity to read independently, complete a reading comprehension activity and complete a grammar and punctuation activity or play various word games.


It is really important that your child reads their school reading book on a regular basis at home (minimum of 4 times a week) so that they practice the reading skills and comprehension taught during guided reading sessions. Please continue to encourage your child to sound out and blend words when reading, as well as asking questions about what they have just read.


Here are a range of fantastic books from our reading spine if your looking for inspiration.

Take a look at some of the learning we have done so far this year! laugh

Science - STEM Day

The children took part in a STEM Day. Where they took part in a range of activities, including making the slowest marble run.

Art - Egyptian Death Masks    

First we used clay to create clay casts. We used different tools and techniques (e.g. blunt scalpel and thatching) to ensure piece wouldn’t fall off once our masked dried. Next we layered mod rock on to our clay casts to create our Egyptian death mask. We dipped the mod rock into water to make it supple and then pressed it in to our clay casts to create a hardened shell.


’It was really fun to make the mod rock soft and supple when it was in the water.’’

‘’I spread the mod rock over my clay cast easily when it was wet to make sure there was no gaps’’


Finally we studied our death mask designs to ensure we were familiar with the colours and patterns we had chosen ready to paint our designs on to part of our groups mask.

We then used the three primary colour to mix together to create other colours we needed to paint our death mask designs. We used different size paint brushes to add detail to areas of our masks.


‘’I had to use my colour wheel to work out how to make the colours I needed.’’

‘’I enjoyed using the thin paint brush to add small details to my mask.’’