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Christ Church CE Primary School

'Let your light shine' Matthew 5:16

Year 1

In Year 1 Mrs Shippey help us practise our phonics everyday and we are working hard with our reading and writing.

It's great being in Year 1 because we have lots of exciting lessons and we all care and look after each other.

What are we learning in class this term? Please scroll down and click on the Project Web to find out.


You can also find our termly spelling list below.

In PE, we have been practicing balancing using a partner as a counter weight! We have been trying to develop balances with one, two, three and four points touching the floor.

Perfecting our balancing in PE!

We have been practicing balancing with one, two, three or four points touching the floor.

Finding groups of 10

In maths, we have been investigating the numbers 11-19 by making groups of ten and adding ones.

Moon Zoom! Alien crash landing!

Year 1 came to school this week to find a mysterious crash site and a set of unusual footprints in their classroom! What had happened? What were we looking at and where had the alien gone? The children wrote their questions and later, gained more evidence from an eye witness. The mystery has not yet been solved....