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Christ Church CE Primary School

'Let your light shine' Matthew 5:16

Personal Development

"Even though I will miss this school very much, I will take all the fantastic memories with me, to the next stage of my life." (Y6) 




At Christ Church Primary School, the personal development of our children is at the very heart of everything we do. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils is underpinned by our vision and values:


From EYFS, to the end of Year 6, our aim is to deliver a learning experience in an environment that fosters high self-esteem, resilience and free-thinking; all essential skills in becoming confident and active members of society.


Our Pupil Leadership groups

The values that shape what it means to be British, along with the nine characteristics that are protected by law (Equality Act 2010) are interwoven into our curriculum, particularly in PSHE/RSE and RE.


"People have the right to be free and make their own choices. In our school, we respect each other's individuality." (Y5)

"Kings and Queens used to tell us what to do. Now we vote so that the majority can make the decisions." (Y4)

Our British Values Day!

We had the most amazing day celebrating the values that make us British!

It all began with a Service introducing us to the 5 British Values and then we split into our classes to work on the exciting activities for the day.

This is what we covered:

KS1- Mutual Respect

Y3 - Rule of Law

Y4 - Tolerance of other Faiths and Beliefs

Y5 - Democracy

Y6- Individual Liberty


Here are the photos! Look at the smiles on all the faces!

Developing cultural capital at Christ Church


Our school prides itself on the fantastic and friendly relationships that exist between pupils, staff, governors and visitors. During outside visits, members of the public often comment on our children's exemplary behaviour, politeness and curiosity.


"I was amazed at the children's curiosity and the depth of their questions. We hope they visit us again soon."
(Staff at Wells Cathedral)

Our Guides were so impressed with the children yesterday.  Eleanor said she thinks that they were the most delightful school group she has ever taken around the Castle (she has been a Guide here for over 25 years)!  I thought I would let you know as it’s always nice to receive some nice feedback 😊

(Staff at Berkeley Castle)


Children that join our community with another language are well supported by our EAL induction programme.


"This school is fantastic! It made me welcome and helped me learn English quickly so I could join in the lessons." (Y5)


Looked after children and SEND are nurtured through our SEN provision and by the learning mentor. Pupils who struggle with forming successful relationships are proactively supported by the team of staff around them.


"Being at Christ church has taught me how to control my feelings so I can be calmer." (Y4)


"I feel stronger inside, more ready for secondary school." (Y6)


"When life outside seems topsy-turvy, I come here and feel like I don't have to worry." (Y5)


A great variety of wider opportunities, in the form of days out, clubs, performances and visitors, all contribute to the children's experience of the world around them; allowing them to make connections between the curriculum and the wider world. Our school council recently took a democratic vote to spend any future fundraising on whole school trips!


Getting the very best out of our outdoor learning zones

"I love playing with our new toys at playtime. Play times are really fun because there are lots of things to do." (Y1)