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Christ Church CE Primary School

'Let your light shine' Matthew 5:16

Eco Council



We know that the children, staff and families share a real concern for the environment and want to make our lives as green as possible. In 2021, we established a children's Eco Council to lead on all things 'green'. 

We were inundated with applications and eight representatives were selected to drive forward the school's target of making our school, our homes and the wider world more environmental.  They are listening to the views of their class peers and then will make decisions on such matters as, recycling, reducing waste and improving our School environment.




This week the Year 5 and 6 Eco Council meet with John from Nexus Educational Supplies.  In school we have been looking at ways to reduce our plastic waste and become more sustainable.  The Eco council asked thoughtful questions about whether every child could use a reusable glue sticks in the future.  Due to the Eco Councils excellent presentation, we have agreed to purchase these super sticky refillable glue sticks. Well done Eco Council!



In February our ECO Council met Debbie who is the community lead for Plastic free WSM.  We discussed ways to reduce single use plastic and how we could become a plastic free school.  The council considered lots of ways that we could reduce the amount of plastic that is sent to landfill.   We agreed to start collecting milk bottle lids so they could be re-purposed to make Lego bricks!



In March we had a visit form the Young Climate Warriors.  On of their representatives, Rachel, spoke to KS2 about how we can make little changes that add up to a lot!  Some of her top tips were: turning off light switches, using refillable water bottles and looking for ways that we can recycle and reuse clothes.  We look forward to working with the Young Climate warriors again soon.