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Christ Church CE Primary School

'Let your light shine' Matthew 5:16


Newsletter 12- Friday 30th November

Letter from the Headteacher


Dear Parents, With only two weeks of term left, we are now in full swing on the lead up to Christmas. You can hear the carols and songs being practiced throughout the building and lots of rehearsals up at the church. The children arrived this morning to the school festively decorated. The Christmas fair is just around the corner and the festive spirit is in the air and it's very cold! Please wrap up warm and take a minute to think of those around you that might need some support or compassion through this festive time. I am very much looking forward to decorating my house tomorrow with my family as I expect many others will be on the first Saturday in December. Please take care when collecting your children as the temperature begins to fall and the ground becomes a little more slippery, I know that Mr Ives will be out putting the salt on the school grounds. but we still need to take care. I wish you all a very peaceful and festive weekend.


The Big Ambition

The Children's Commissioner for England has launched a survey for children and young people to voice their views to Government. We would really appreciate families taking the time to sit with their child to help complete this survey as this is important for children to be able to have a platform for their own perspectives. The Big Ambition provides a much-needed opportunity for the children of England to tell political decision makers what is important to them ahead of the General Election. All responses are confidential, but are shared with the Government. To complete the survey, please go to Further information can be found here:


Book Swap

The school council will be holding their termly book swap on Wednesday 6th December. Children can bring in a book from home that they have previously read and swap it for another that they wish to read. It's that simple! The children are welcome to bring in 3 books each to swap.



We have been working with an advisor from OPAL to introduce their initiative into our school. Their vision is to enrich outdoor play in schools and over the past few months, led by an OPAL advisor, a team staff have been planning this new approach to play within the school which we believe will provide your children with opportunities for more physical activity, socialisation, cooperation, coordination, resilience, creativity, imagination and enjoyment through improved play. 

As our school improves play opportunities for your children, you will notice a few changes about how the children use the school grounds.  Children are exposed to more challenges and have greater freedoms to play - where, how and with whom they like. The experiences our school is hoping to foster are essential for children’s physical and mental well-being and health and are in line with all current good practice advice on health and safety, well-being and development.

We are currently building up a stock of loose parts, which we are sourcing from various places and would be grateful if you could assist us with this. I have attached a list of items which, if you have spare, we will put to good use.  Please bring these items to the front gate in the mornings. We are particularly interested in any pallets and tyres (bicycle or or car tyres) which can be donated. This would be much appreciated.


Christmas News

Tuesday, 5 December - EYFS Nativity in School Hall 10.00 am

Wednesday, 6 December - Wear a Christmas Hat/Tinsel Noon - Festive Dinner

Friday, 8 December - Christmas Jumper Day (with school uniform) Christmas Fair Donation Day

Tuesday, 12 December - Years 1 & 2 – Christmas performance at Christ Church Church 10.00 am and 2.00 pm

Wednesday, 13 December - From 3.00 pm Christmas Fair

Thursday, 14 December - Years 3 & 4 Christmas Party (details to follow)

Friday, 15 December - Years 5 & 6 Christmas Party (details to follow)

Monday, 18 December - Years 1 & 2 Christmas Party (details to follow)

Tuesday, 19 December - EYFS Christmas Party (details to follow) Wednesday, 20 December - Carols around the Tree at Christ Church Church.


Tickets for Santa's Grotto are selling quickly, so to avoid disappointment please book a slot as soon as you can. Tickets are £3.50 each and can be purchased from the School Office.

Artisan stalls are also available to anyone who wishes to sell any handmade items for their small business. Stalls are £6.00 and can be reserved from the School Office.


Reading & Maths Achievements

Our expectation is for pupils to read at home to an adult at least four times per week. For every 10% of pupils in each class who reach this expectation, the class will move one square along the ‘Donkey Derby’ (displayed in the School Hall). After a set number of weeks, the class, who has reached the furthest distance along the Derby, will be awarded with a whole class treat, which will include non-uniform days, trips out, hot chocolate, or extra playtime etc.

We hope that by raising the rewards, pupils will be more encouraged to read to you at home. We would value your support in helping us develop a love of reading in all our pupils by encouraging them to get their reading books out.

The chart below shows what each class has achieved this week.

ReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6









40/50/60 Club Certificates

Children complete a 'times tables challenge' where they solve math's questions in 5 minutes and if they get 100%, they are given a 40, 50 or 60 club certificate, dependent on their year group. Year Three's answer 40 math's questions, Year Four's answer 50 questions, and Year Fives and Sixes answer 60 questions.


School Attendance News

Each week we celebrate attendance in our Attendance Assembly. Roary the Lion stays with the class who has had with the highest attendance that week.

Thank you to all families who have brought in their children on time this week. Every minute counts in school, so we appreciate children coming in on time, ready to learn! 

The school gate closes at 08:45, so if you are running late, which happens from time to time, we appreciate all families signing their children in with the office. This is to ensure all children are accounted for in fire & safeguarding instances. 

The Attendance Policy on is on the website: 

90% attendance = 1/2 a day missed every week! 1 school year at 90% attendance = 4 whole weeks of lessons missed. A child with 90% attendance every year for 5 years would miss more that on HALF a school year.


The chart below shows what each class has achieved this week.

ReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6 









Personal Best Awards

Every week, Personal Best certificates are awarded to children who have been recognised for their hard work.


Reception - Ana for always showing fantastic manners across her whole day.

Year One - Rupert for enthusiastic participation in our Nativity! 

Year Two - Rupert for his excellent perfoming in our Nativity rehearsals! 

Year Three - Margot for being a fantastic role model in everything she does.

Year Four - Billy for excellent effort with his writing this week.

Year Five - Aiden for his amazing design technology project!

Year Six - Layton for trying his best at all times and making valid contributions.


Dojo Certificates

Dojo points are Christ Church Primary School's own way of rewarding pupils for outstanding work & behaviour. Once a pupil has earned enough points they are awarded a certificate during school assembly to celebrate all their hard work.


Bronze (75 points)  Amelia, Arthur, Ethan, Leahanna, Ridch in Year 6

Silver (150 points) Brody, Kevin & Fletcher in Year 2, Evelin, Ezra, Izzy & Nellie in Year 3, Albie, Billy, Emko, Fabian, Jenson, Leo, Toby & Yana in Year 4, Ashwin, Gabi, Joshua & Ruby in Year 5, Abi & Antek in Year 6.

Ruby (225 points)

Gold (300 points)

Sapphire (375 points)


Headteachers Awards

A Headteacher sticker is awarded to children for exceptional work of which they should be proud! Well done to Dakota in Year 1 for her super writing and scoring 14/15 in her maths test and to Armin and Ruby in Year 3, Lucas and Thea in Year 4, Betty and Skarlette in Year 5, & Ridch and Antek in Year 6 for spending time after school decorating the hall.


Stars of the Week & Star Writer

Star of the week & Star Writer are awarded weekly to pupils and staff. Our Stars this week are 

Mrs. Voyle for spending time after school with children creating the wonderful display for the hall and Alina in Year 4 for always showing amazing manners such as asking the head Teacher how their day is going.

Our Star Writer is Vera-Grace in Year 3 for her super interesting Non-Chronological report about Family Tag.



Items which can be donated to OPAL

Local Events and Clubs