In Year 1 Miss Walker and Miss Young help us practise our phonics everyday and we are working hard with our reading and writing.

It's great being in Year 1 because we have lots of exciting lessons and we all care and look after each other.

What are we learning in class this term? Click on our project web to find out. 

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Number Stories

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Clay Animals

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In our maths lessons, we have been looking at different ways of creating numbers. In this lesson, we were using concrete manipulatives (counters) to make six in many different ways. In our future lessons, we will be looking at other numbers up 10 until we can confidently recall our number bonds.  

Our project this term involved looking at different woodland animals. In our DT lesson, Miss Young challenged us to make a hedgehog out of clay. We used clay tools to create different patterns for its spikes. After letting them dry, we painted and glazed them. Finally, we evaluated our design - we mainly gave ourselves 5 stars - before we were allowed to take them home.