We are Year 4. Mrs Coomber and Mrs Palmer are our teachers and they help us to do the best writing we possibly can. We love singing and performing and really look forward to doing the Christmas play. We do lots of fun things such as making sandals and filming our own Lego movies. 

What are we doing in class this term? Click on our Project Web to find out. 

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Year 3 and 4 have just performed their Christmas production of 'Silent Night'. All of the children spent three weeks learning the songs, dances and their lines. It really paid off on the day as they were all super stars! A special mention does go to Amir and Anita in Year 4 for their great portrayal of the Organist Franz Gruber and the nun Mother Josephine.

Year 4 have been studying the Ancient Greeks this term and as part of this topic, they made clay pots. They created them using either the coiling method or the thumb method. They painted patterns which were based on original Ancient Greek pots but rather than painting a scene about what the Ancient Greeks would have done in their every day lives, they painted a scene to represent modern life. They also painted them in a variety of bright colours to represent the array of paints that are available today.


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