Year 5 - 

We are Year 5 and Mrs Voyle is our teacher. We are encouraged to do our very best and be immensely proud of our achievements.

Our lessons are exciting and we enjoy them. We have taken part in many inspiring projects such as organising a firework display and a holding a Victorian afternoon tea. We learn many new skills.

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This week we have been looking at how light travels and  how it reflects off of objects so that we can see them. We learnt that light travels in straight lines  and vocabulary such as - incident ray and reflective ray. We then made Periscopes to  demonstrate that light travels in straight lines. It was tricky to get the angles on the mirrors perfect but we had a really good try! After, we tried them out by spying on people in the playground.

diwali day

Diwali is a special celebration for Hindus and in Y5 we decided to celebrate Diwali in style! We joined in with FS2 and Y3 and took part in 3 creative activities in the morning - Diwali cooking, Elephant crafts and Rangoli patterns with lentils and rice. Parents came in to help and they drew Henna patterns on our hands, made us a traditional Indian curry with accompaniments and then we finished the day by lighting our Diwali lamps and watching the story of Rama and Sita. It was amazing! Thanks to Sanjana's mum, Aleena's mum and Dad and Riya's mum. They were fantastic!


Exploring the different types of forces in Y5 has been really challenging! We studied forces of gravity, air resistance and how to overcome their limitations using different man-made inventions. We used gears and proved different hypothesis using our bikes; we lifted different weights using levers and fulcrums and finally created our own pulleys.

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