We are Year 5 and Mrs Shippey is our teacher. We are encouraged to do our very best and be immensely proud of our achievements. Our lessons are exciting and we enjoy them. We have taken part in many inspiring projects such as organising a firework display and a holding a Victorian afternoon tea. We learn many new skills.

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Classroom Jazz

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Pulleys & Roller coasters

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In Year 5 we have started our Classroom Jazz topic and today enjoyed playing the glockenspiel. We learnt how to play three notes: G,A and B in time to a backing track called Three Note Bossa. We noticed that if we let our beater bounce, the note would sustain and that if we held the beater down as we hit, the note would be cut off.

"In Year 5 we have been learning about roller coasters and how they work. We have used experiments to explain how pulleys and centripetal force work," - Janet.

"Centripetal force is a force that can overcome gravity when an object is spinning at a high velocity. Water didn’t fall out of the bucket because centripetal force was stronger than gravity," - Josh.

"To test a pulley, we tried to pull two broomsticks together. We noticed that the more loops you have, the easier it is to pull them together. This is why pulleys make it easy to lift heavy objects." - Monty.