We are Year 6 and we are the oldest in the School. Mr Rogers is our teacher. The work can be challenging but we work really hard to achieve our personal best. As we are the oldest, we have a lot of extra responsibilities such as helping to set up for assembly and we set a good example to the rest of the School. We love going on Year 6 camp!  

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Year 6 have been treading the boards and following in the footsteps of William Shakespeare this term. We began by looking at the plot of Macbeth and creating some freeze frames of key points in the play. Over the coming weeks we will be reading a simplified version of Macbeth and  taking on the roles of the various characters. We may even try our hand at saying some of the ye olde english, which his plays are famous for, and understanding what they mean.  

Where in the world?

In preparation for our work on The Mayans, we have been developing our map skills. We began our topic by learning the different map symbols before moving onto giving 4-figure, 6-figure map references and compass directions to find locations. In this lesson we were using maps to compare changes in land use overtime. We compared a map of Weston-super-Mare in 1884 to one with 2019.  

Mayan hot chocolate

This term, we have been learning about The Maya. To finish off our topic, our teacher challenged us to follow a recipe to make a Mayan Hot Chocolate. It may sound yummy, but The Maya didn't use sugar and liked their hot chocolate spicy! We used cacao powder and mixed it with nutmeg, cinnamon, chilli powder and whole milk. The result was... well look at our faces in the pictures to find out! 


In our science lessons, we have been learning about electricity and have been building circuits, learning the symbols for different components and testing insulators and conductors. In this lesson, we were challenged to put all of our knowledge into practise by designing and making our own switch. Some were successful others not quite so much but that is what learning is all about! Next week, we will be putting our switches into our own burglar alarm. 

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